2019.09 - New website is available

After "decades of battles" we have finally managed to launch the new website


Because since 30 years Romanian firefighting market has a lot of non-certified of fake products (a very known habit of some companies to use the documents of others that have invested money in certificates but sell completely other products - generally rubbish according to the standards) we have been looking to having as much info an technical specifications as possible.

So we have added as much info as we could about the products that we sell to help first of all the end users in the way that they can check if the products that they buy from Gefil are the same as those that appear in the certificates that we own or use. Stamps, dimensions, materials, markings, weights - everything can be checked and compared with the products.

The new differentiates itself from all the other websites in this field of activity through the abundance of information. And it is normal to be like this: the more info you make public, the harder it is to fake products or sell non-certified ones. Practice which we hope will disappear very soon from Romania.

More than this, we hope that in the future there will also be a support from the laws and the law makers to allow the end users to have access to the information regarding the firefighting products that they purchase by using the official web sites of the authorities. For more credibility of course. In this moment this thing is not happening in Romania and the legal background is permissive enough that economic agents can sell fake goods and the end users can't really make a real check on them, which of course is happening on a pretty large scale.

In addition to all above, on the new there are also info regarding the maintenance instructions of the fire extinguishers produced by us, a list of all the companies that we agree to make service on our products and even a brief history of Gefil.

We hope that this site will be useful first of all and that all the billions of neurons consumed in its making to have been worth the intention and the purpose.