2019.07 APSIA's 5th Conference

We don’t neglect anybody and so Moldavia was not forgotten. Because on the 11.07.2019, in Bacau, we have organised APSIA’s Vth Conference.


The subjects were the same as in Bucharest, Sinaia, Orastie and Cluj meaning aspects related to the laws that govern the extinguisher service providers in Romania: OMAI 607/2008, OMAI 88/2012, OMAI 138/2015 and Technical Prescription from ISCIR: C5/2003.


Participation was beyond expectations: 30 profile companies and 50 people, This time also we enjoyed the presence and attention of Ms. Mihaela Mogosanu from CNSIPC Bucharest who has helped us both in finding solutions to the various problems identified by our guests and also in confirming APSIA’s perspectives that have became classic by this date: that all players in the fire righting market should respect the law.


One of the meeting’s conclusions was the unanimous accord that the laws in 2019 are not the same as the laws in 2015 (although it may sound redundant, this is the point where many companies have the difficulty in accepting it) and the only way of surviving as a company in the field it conforming every action with the legislation, meaning in brief the identification, servicing and selling or conformed products in the market and removing the ones that do not comply.


We thank again CNSIPC for the support, the participants for their presence and the organisers (Aninoasa, Gefil and Proutil) for the involvement and the very relevant speech that has helped in conquering the Moldavian people’s hearts and awareness.