Extinguisher SM9-E-30

Extinguisher SM9-E-30

Foam based fire extinguisher, portable, 9 l, model  SM9-E-30


Extinguishing agent

Foam “Fomtec Alpha B-30”

Propellant gas

Nitrogen (N2)

Nominal quantity of foam

9 liters

Cylinder capacity

10.2 l

Working pressure min/max

14-18 bars

Testing pressure 

27 bars

Assembly drawing

Drawing no.: GEF/EN-9S-E-30

Extinguisher body

Drawing no.: HXENL-09P/F-03A-00


Drawing no.: ZHJ-005-00

Hose assembly

Drawing no.: HD-BP-9F


Drawing no.: 23A038

Body material

Shaped steel

Body diameter

182 +/- 1.82 mm

Height of the extinguisher

590 +/- 5 mm

Weight of extinguisher (with foam)

13.50 kg


A single horizontal welding at the bottom of the cylinder, covered by the metallic skirt

Manufacturer/ CE cylinder No.

HX / CE0036

No. of EN 3-7 certificate

MIRTEC1-01-1765CER33. 2112000502

Issuing Notified Body

MIRTEC SA – Volos, CE0437




Permanently pressurized

Fire rating

27A 183B

Temperature range

From -30°C to +60°C



For extinguishing fire classes A and B. Do not use on live electrical equipment!!!



The marking of the extinguisher must contain information according to SR EN 3-7:2004 + A1:2007.

Each extinguisher must be provided with a label that must be placed on the extinguisher’s body. It is made up of 5 parts, as follows:

First part includes:

  • Naming, meaning the words “fire extinguisher” or “extinguisher”, plus the model’s name:


  • Type of extinguishing agent:

   9 l Dafo Fomtec Alpha B-30

  • Fire rating:

   27A 183B

Second part includes:

  • Instructions for use, which must contain one or more icons, each accompanied by an explantation;
  • Icons which represent fire classes.

Third part includes:

  • Information on any restrictions or dangers of use, especially about toxicity or electrical hazard.

Fourth part includes:

  • Working and test pressures;
  • Identification of extinguishing agent and propellant gas;
  • Extinguisher’s certificate number;
  • Temperature limits;
  • Cylinder’s volume;
  • Reference to the standard which the extinguishers compile to.

Fifth part include:

  • Manufacturer's name and address;
  • Year of production.



Under no circumstances should the label be removed or destroyed. Otherwise, the extinguisher can’t be identified or serviced at its due date.



Foam based fire extinguisher, portable, 9 l, model SM9-E-30 must be stored in clean and dry spaces at temperatures between -30 ° and + 60 ° C.


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