1999 – The company Gefil S.A. is born, with headquarters in Filipestii de Padure, Prahova county. It was designed as the sister company of Gepro SRL. The name “Gefil” comes from “Gepro – Filipesti”

2002 – The first fire extinguishers are imported from China (a new relation that has just began to form and that would become long and stable) and distributed in the Romanian market. Also, at that time the new extinguisher service department is born.

2007 – The first complete set of certificates is obtained, through the good collaboration that would also become long and stable with the Greek laboratory MIRTEC S.A. This meant that Gefil S.A. possessed 12 certificates for extinguisher production under it’s own brand.

2010 – Gefil S.A. executed maintenance works for aprox. 12.000 extinguishers / month. The market share for new products grew steadily from year to year.

2012 – The old production facility in Filipesti becomes too small and so the company moves in a new factory in Ploiesti, with a total surface for storage and production of 1200 m2. Also, during this year first new collaborations with neighbouring countries begin in Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Slovakia.

2013 – The range of certificates was extended with a complete new set, and products such as big extinguishers like 100 kg and 100l were added and also 6 l, 9l and 50 l extinguishers with foam resistant to freezing up to -30 degrees C. At that time, Gefil had 25 different type certificates.

2014 – The first small branch was inaugurated in Bucharest (Colentina district) that begins with one employee and a small stock worth 15.000 EUR.

2016 – Due to the impact taken by the society in November 2015 which also changed the firefighting market substantially (in the way that people would begin to focus more on quality of products and certificates rather than the lowest price) Gefil S.A. becomes market leader concerning the sales of new extinguishers.

2017 – Gefil S.A. had the most profitable year in its history. Also, at that time a 16.000 sqm land was purchased with the purpose of building a new production facility with a total surface of 7000 sqm. In the same year, Gefil created his own advertising production departament Revo Design

2018 – Gefil, together with the partner companies Aninoasa-Tim and Proutil founded the NGO called APSIA Romania ( with the purpose of gathering companies that activate in the field and that are willing to respect the legislation and stop the illegal competition and fire extinguisher service. The successes recorded by APSIA would change the face of the firefighting market in Romania fundamentally, and all companies willing to activate in the letter and spirit of the law would have a lot to win.

2019 – A new series of products (-E series) was certified and registered on the Romanian market. Gefil had in April 2019 34 different models of extinguishers that it could produce. Gefil declared a total investment of 400.000 EUR in certifications in the period 2008-2018. The Bucharest branch grew the selling capacity with 700% compared to October 2014 when it was founded.