Alongside the passion that we have had, since 1999, to supply the European Union’s market with fire fighting products, we have managed to also find the time to support the creation of various other projects. 

Rclub, Revo Design, Revo Alpin, “Gandesti?”, “Spre Nord!” or APSIA are entities that took birth with the direct support of GEFIL.

In turn, all these projects have created lots of memorable moments such as live concerts, fulminant parties, artistic creations (songs, poems), film shootings, educational courses, case studies, allocations of merit scholarships, conquests of the highest peaks of the Carpathians, conferences about legislation issues and also the development of the print shop Revo Design.

A summary of all these projects can be seen in the short film:


Gefil means much more than extinguishers. And... most likely, we will not stop at the current level!